Board of Directors

Unlike other financial institutions, a credit union is owned and controlled by the people it serves. A small group of members is chosen to guide operations on behalf of their fellow members. The board decides how best to use money earned, what services to offer, under what conditions, and at what rates. Our board have volunteered their time to help you, the owners of NCEFCU, meet your financial goals. 

Board of Directors


Mark Kotte President
Rand Veerman Vice President
Barb Kagel Secretary
Ladeen Finley Treasurer
Jeanna Rodda Board Member
Mike Brown Board Member
Brad Park Board Member
Charles Lyden Board Member
Sandy Fedden Board Member


 NCEFCU Employees


Jackie Thomas Manager
Barb Kagel Financial Officer
Felicia Auth Internal Auditor


 Credit Committee


Sandy Fedden
Colette Farner
Rand Veerman
Jeanna Rodda
Barbara Kagel


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